updated 03/07/2021

openPSTD project

Animation of sound propagation computed with openPSTD in cross section of Odeon of Herodus Atticus.
The openPSTD project provides a software tool, accessible for academic research purposes, which enables to efficiently and in detail compute sound propagation in the built environment. It is developed by the Building Acoustics Research group of Eindhoven University of Technology. Within the project developments and applications within the PSTD method will be focussed on. The latest 2D version of the openPSTD software, openPSTD v1.1.
Download openPSTD v1.1 Recent developments in the research group have moved towards further development of the DG (Discontinuous Galerkin) method to complement PSTD for arbitrary boundary shapes and boundary material properties.


Regardless of our location, we are at all times immersed by a sound environment, which may affect us both positively or negatively. The detailed reproduction of the urban sound environment is essential for analyzing and optimizing it. To date, there is a lack of a detailed 3D acoustic propagation method for this purpose, both due to the computational burden as well as due to the absence of an easy accessible software interface. The openPSTD project, opensource software development of the Pseudo-Spectral Time-Domain method, aims to provide a full-fledged software tool, accessible for academic research purposes, which enables to efficiently and in detail compute urban sound propagation. To achieve this, the computational method behind the tool will be further developed. Within the project, the software tool will also be implemented and applied to studying both reduction of urban noise as well as to support the positive sound environment, the latter especially directed to train the blind in the auditory perception of the environment through auralization.

Screen-shot of the Blender OpenPSTD interface that allows for easily creating geometries and interactively visualising both simulated wavefronts and receiver impulse responses.


2021-07-03 New conference contribution!
We have now developed the hybrid PSTD/DG method for sound propagation in a moving atmosphere with arbitrary boundary shape and conditions, please find the title of the upcoming paper in the 'PSTD developments' section!
2021-07-03 New journal papers
Please find our journal paper on using PSTD for auralization purposes in the 'PSTD applications' area!
2018-02-19 New journal papers
Please find our journal paper on the hybrid PSTD/DG method in the 'PSTD developments' section!
2017-01-28 Preparations for openPSTD v2.0!
We are working hard to launch openPSTD v2.0: openPSTD in our own user interface! A glimpse of it can be seen at urbanacoustics.net
2016-03-16 New openPSTD team member
Sai Charan Trikootam has joined the openPSTD team. Sai will further develop openPSTD to include meteorological conditions and will be working on the research project Tools to Tackle Environmental Health problems granted by STW
2016-02-25 Journal paper on openPSTD v1 software
A paper on the openPSTD v1 software is published in Computer Physics Communications, openPSTD v1 paper
2015-07-22 openPSTD v1.1 released
The openPSTD v1.0 code has been upgraded by a GPU acceleration. Please download openPSTD v1.1
2015-07-01 New openPSTD software member
Louis van Harten (code acceleration) has joined the openPSTD team!
2015-03-10 New PSTD papers
New papers on developments and applications of PSTD can be found in the 'PSTD developments' and 'PSTD applications' section.
2014-12-22 New openPSTD software members
Omar Richardson (Python code) and Michiel Fortuin (Blender interface) have joined the openPSTD team.
2014-09-09 openPSTD v1.0 released!
Simultaneously with the presentation at Forum Acusticum the first version of openPSTD has been released to the public.
2014-08-17 openPSTD to be presented at conference!
openPSTD will be presented by Thomas Krijnen at Forum Acusticum, a conference from the European Acoustics Association (EAA). Please come and listen at Tuesday 9 september 6:20 pm (Building B2, room 110).
2014-05-06 openPSTD in education
A preliminary version of the openPSTD software has been used by Master student of Eindhoven University in the course Architectural Acoustics.
2014-02-15 New PhD project using openPSTD
New PhD research PhD research has started at Eindhoven University of Technology, where openPSTD will be used to study the effect of sound scattering from trees.
2013-11-05 openPSTD in summerschool
A preliminary version of the openPSTD software has been used by around 15 PhD students in the 'urban sound propagation summerschool' of the SONORUS project in Ghent.
2013-08-01 PSTD scientific developments
Scientific developments within the PSTD method can now be found in the 'PSTD developments' and 'PSTD applications' section.
2013-06-01 New team members
Two PhD students have joined the building acoustics chair at Eindhoven University of Technology. Both Raúl Pagán and Fotis Georgiou will carry out research in the connected to the openPSTD project.
2013-05-01 Progress update
Over the past few months we have made great progress on rewriting the core functionality to open source tools, such as Python and Blender. See the screen-shot below.
2012-09-21 Kick-off
The openPSTD project has started with a kick-off meeting at Laboratorium voor Akoestiek at the Eindhoven University of Technology.