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The application can export the data in 2 different formats HDF5 and images (png, bmp or jpg).


The image export function can you find in menu file -> export. An window will show with the following options:

  • Directory This is where the images will be written to. With browse it is easy to set a directory.
  • Name(prefix) A name prefix for all the file names. This is done that images do not overwrite each other when making multiple export to the same directory.
  • Start frame The first frame that will be exported (inclusive).
  • Last frame The last frame that will be exported (inclusive).
  • Format Wich format will be used, PNG, JPG or BMP.

The output images file name will have the following format <name> - <frame number>.<extension>


This format can be used for importing data to other applications, e.g. Matlab, mathematica and python. The export can be found in the file menu -> export. There are no extra options, only where to put the h5 file. See Import resulting data into other applications for more information about importing this data.