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Data exported to the HDF5 format can be imported into other applications.

Exported HDF5 file

The exported file is an HDF5 file. More information about this format can be found [1].

The structure of the HDF5 format is a tree-like structure with data elements as leaves, which are called data sets. This structure is as follows:

  • frame
    • <domain index>
      • <frame index>
  • receiver
    • <receiver index>

For example if you want frame 100 of domain 4, the data element is at /frame/4/100. Or if you want the data of receiver 6, then the resulting data is in element /receiver/6.


Here is a list of some of the applications that can import this data.


Matlab can import the data. This can be done by the following command: h5read(filename,datasetname) where file name is the hdf5 file name and the datasetname is the data set name, eg /frame/4/100 or /receiver/6. for more info see hdf5 reference pages