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This is the user manual of the OpenPSTD application version 2. OpenPSTD is an open source initiative to provide an intuitive visual interface for the Pseudo-Spectral Time-Domain method to simulate the propagation of sound within a medium. Use the Navigation menu on the left to view the page of your interest. In version 2 the GUI had a complete overhaul, also the application is ported from Python to C++ (which created a significant performance boost). To start with the application we suggest to read the OpenPSTD V2.0 Getting started first. This gives you a basic idea for the application.


The application is divided in 2 parts, the GUI(graphical user interface) and the CLI(command line interface). They have both the same functionality and work on the same PSTD files. For most use cases the GUI application is preferred.

Parts of the documentation are used in both applications


The GUI is used for most use cases. This has easy access to the application, easy edit and create geometries and run simulations.


The CLI is used from the command line. This application is mostly used on servers with no graphical interface. The CLI has the same capabilities as the GUI.

The CLI can be used in standard way. OpenPSTD-cli <command> [arguments] Every command has an extra help that is displayed when an argument -h or --help is added. Possible commands at the moment are the following:

  • create
  • list
  • edit
  • run
  • export

Extra information can be found on these pages.


There are some advanced features in the application.